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  1. Well, that's it. The kids went back to school today after what I can safely say was one of the BEST Christmas holidays ever. Good food, plenty of walking and lots of relaxing with the most important people in the world - my wonderful little family.

    Views on walk past Eagle Hall

    2011 was a pretty turbulent year for The Payne crew - don't get me wrong it hasn't been all doom and gloom but there have been some pretty humongous challenges to overcome through the year.....

  2. HOST has passed me by in a blur! The preceding weeks passed in a whirlwind of preparations and now it's past the whirlwind of preparations continues for upcoming events and exhibitions.

    The preview evening proved to be an excellent opportunity to meet fellow HOST artists, gallery owners and art lovers alike. Delighted to have been invited to join the ranks of the talented artists who were exhibiting at the numerous open studios and west yorkshire museums.

    Many thanks to the wonderful organisation by the organisers of 2011 HOST - Andrew Wharburton & Pam Lonsdale.


    HOST Bagshaw Museum 2011

  3. Some of you will know that my other half and soul mate is the handsome, talented singer/songwriter, Ade Payne.

    Well Ade jetted off to Nashville on Sunday to spend the next few weeks meeting with all the right people and talking about various songwriting opportunities that are making themselves apparent. This left me and the kids at home to get on with "back to school madness" and just generally missing him like crazy..........